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£0 to £14,720+ per month in online bookings within 6 months..


That’s the result of enabling an online booking platform with an effective SEO strategy on one of my client’s websites.

Without it, tumbleweed.

Because even with some website traffic, you still might not have the right taps open to let the cash come in.

So here’s what I’ve learnt from enabling hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue online for clients over the years:

1️⃣ You must have a clear offer

Talking about what you do as a service alone probably won’t get you very far.

Opening up a clear offer and an easy route to solving the problem will get you results.

2️⃣ You should be active on multiple channels

People need to know who you are and what you’re good at.

Shout about it, everywhere.

Open up as many taps (sources of traffic) as you can.

3️⃣ Provide as much free value as you can

People want to work with experts.

Experts provide knowledge and value on their expertise.

Be seen as the expert with value, and people will literally need your help.

4️⃣ You and your ICP are not the same

You might think your website is great, but does it talk to your ICP?

Does your website answer the problems that need solving, or just sound good to you?

Bringing traffic as the “expert” to a bad website or landing page is literally costing you £££.

It’s okay though because I’m on a mission to make things right for these businesses.

That’s why I’m opening up free website audits with a free strategy call to those who want more from their websites here:

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